1. Ideal duration of tapering
The ideal duration of tapering is 15 days. During this period, the amount of training should be gradually reduced (by approx. 50%), all while maintaining intense and specific training. This will enable your body to recover and increase your performance.

2. How many tapering periods should there be per year?
Two tapering periods per year are enough: athletes achieve their optimal form only once or twice per year.

3. Beware of sporting activities while fasting.
Running on an empty stomach, especially in the morning, requires a true degree of expertise and puts you at high risk of hypoglycaemia. It's better to start with a light breakfast or a Spordej snack, so you're prepared for the upcoming effort.

4. Don't be too skinny.
It's good to be toned, but don't overdo it. Losing too much weight too quickly before an event, could decrease your muscle mass and make you fatigued.

5. Avoid alcohol, and go for green tea or the tone-up supplement instead! Alcohol is to be avoided during training. Go for green tea: thanks to its high levels of caffeine and vitamin C, it will help lower fatigue and promote weight loss.